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Baby Stripper Pro's and Con's

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Welcome Goddesses On My Baby Stripper Journey Pros & Cons

My name is Pole Goddess. I am a self-taught pole dancer. I started my pole journey back in 2020.

One of the reasons I started pole dancing was that I wasn't making a lot of money at my job as a runner. I wanted to start dancing in the clubs to make some extra income.

Covid struck and everything closed down so I could start my journey as a baby stripper. It's 2022-23 and I have officially started my stripper journey.

Baby Stripper Message

In this video, I break down my experiences. When I started to dance in the club I had a few minor inconveniences. I stop for 3 months and started trying again, being more consistent. Finding a club that likes black women. Yes even in 2022 racism is still a huge thing in the clubs. Check out my youtube video, I share all the details. Also shared my tips & advice and how much money I made in my first 3 days.

Want To Learn Pole

Here are some links to get your Pole Journey started

Everything you need:

At home pole

Learn pole in your bedroom/living room

Playlist to listen to while dancing


↳ Instagram | Polegodess94

↳ TikTok | Polegoddess94

Lost of love from Pole Goddess


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