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5 Pole Goddess Tips

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

5 Pole Dancing tips I wish I knew before I started pole dancing.

When I started my pole journey, I was in the worst place mentally, physically, and emotionally. The first time I touched a pole was back in 2019. I knew this is where I wanted to be. I took 3 classes inconsistently, then I stopped for a year. March of 2020 is when my pole journey truly began. I bought a pole for my apartment and I was ready to take classes again, but then everything shut down due to the pandemic. That didn’t stop or discourage me from learning pole dancing.

On my journey to pole discovery, these are the 5 tips I wish I had known before getting on the pole.

Tip #1 - Goddess Confidence

The first time in a pole studio, when I touched the pole and looked right into those huge mirrors before me. I knew this is where I wanted to be every day. Seeing my reflection while trying to figure out these moves. It allowed me to see myself clearly and also see my growth physically and mentally. My confidence grew because I couldn't avoid looking at myself. This was a self-love journey I didn't know I needed. I have never connected to my body like I have in these last 2 years because of pole dancing.

Tip #2 - Pain

You can't pole without pain. Pole is a very painful experience in the beginning. In the past, a thigh sit longer than 2 seconds was dreadful when I started. 2 years later I feel no pain when I do a thigh sit. Any new moves you try on the pole, as you grow your will experiences some sort of discomfort. Pain tolerance is important to leveling up in the pole world. If you are someone that has a high pain tolerance you will do very well getting on the pole. If you are someone that doesn't do well with pain, you will grow to love it believe me. I have taught many students that struggle but become addicted to pole and push past the pain.

"The way that you think and how you talk to yourself is a key factor." – Pole Goddess

Tip #3 - Meditation

Pole became meditative for me. I would play the music that spoke to my inner emotions, and I would dance it out of me. When I go to the studio or pole in my house, I would let my body do what it wanted. I would feel whatever emotions overcame me and I would set them free through movement. Once the song was over I always felt lighter, I would no longer feel those emotions. Pole is so expressive, opening a whole new way for me to tap in and align with myself.

Give it a try if you haven't! Let the music play and close your eyes and flow to the music. Let your body move to the sound of the music and set yourself free from whatever emotions/feelings you are having.

Tip #4 - Reflexes

Yes! You read that correctly. My reflexes are out of this world, thanks to pole dancing.

When pole dancing you are throwing and catching yourself. Trusting and believing in oneself. While training there were moments I felt like I was going to fall or miss the pole. I've developed skills that made me super aware. I remember a time at my last job, I and my coworker were moving a big object. One of the metal plates started to fall. I was able to sense that it was falling and catch it halfway. If I didn't, someone's toes definitely would have been broken.

Tip #5 - Massages & Epson salt baths

Just like any athlete or anyone that works out in the gym, you need to take care of your body. Massages and Epsom salt baths are going to be your best friends. When you pole you will get bruises, and you may feel like you've been hit by a train. You need to release that tension. My favorite combo to do if I don't want to get a massage from a professional. I would take an Epsom hot salt bath, then I'll use my massage gun. I always feel like I just left the spa.

Pole is just an amazing experience that has helped me overcome so many opticals.

I truly hope this makes you want to get on the pole and start your journey!

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