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10 Anime For Beginners

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Top 10 Classic Anime

We'll be delving into the captivating world of anime, highlighting 10 anime for beginners and my favorite classics that have left a lasting impact on me. From epic adventures to intriguing mysteries, these shows cater to both long-time enthusiasts and those new to the genre.

10. Cowboy Bebop

Embark on a space-bound journey with bounty hunters, unraveling their pasts amidst thrilling escapades.

A science fiction anime about an easygoing bounty hunter and his crew trying to get to that bag.

My favorite thing about this anime is the music the soundtrack in itself will make you fall in love.

If you're into action, drama, space, and sci-fi, this is definitely a good one to check out.

9. Full Metal Alchemist

Experience the alchemical wonders of two brothers on their quest to restore what they've lost.

An anime that starts off with 2 cute little boys. You might think “Aw this is going to be cute.”

Nope, not at all. Their mother passes. It's the two of them and their family friends down the road, good people that take care of them. They start to read books from their father's studies. Mind you the father is nowhere to be found. They figure out a way to bring their mother back from the dead by reading their father's books. Let's just say that didn't go well.

This anime is a deep one on Alchemy's "Equivalent Exchange"

Also if you are into learning more about the seven deadly sins it goes very deep into that. It really hits the soul and psyche, it’s a classic! Overall Storyline is a really dark but beautiful story and one of my favorites.

Now there is a Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood,

start with full metal and if you like it then go to Brotherhood.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

Dive into the spirit world as a young delinquent becomes a spirit detective, defending both realms.

A story about a 14-year-old boy name Yusuke Urameshi. A bad boy that does what he wants.

One day he's walking the streets and see's a kid about to get hit by a car, pushes him out of the way, and wakes up dead.

Yusuke soon finds out he wasn't supposed to die and has a chance for resurrection and bringing his body back to life. Once he gets resurrected in order to pay his debt he has to become a Spirit Detective.

If you are into action-packed anime and adventure defiantly check this one out!

7. Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

Uncover the mysteries of cybercrime and technological advancements in this futuristic masterpiece.

Ghost in the Shell has an anime series called stand alone complex. I Recommend checking out the movie first.

It’s about a cyborg policewoman and her partner, hunting a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master. The animation and art, are so breathtaking.

The anime series I also loved very much. I loved the little robots called Tachikoma. I thought they were so cute, kind of made me think spiders weren't so scary.

6. Rurouni Kenshin

Set in Meiji-era Japan, follow a former assassin's path of redemption and protecting the innocent.

A Wandering Samurai with beautiful red hair might I add.

One night, he's taking a stroll around the village minding his business, and gets jumped by a girl named Kaoru. She mistakes him for the killer Battosai Slayer because he was walking with a sword, during that time that was a no-no. Kenshin lets her whip out his sword and sees it's reverse blade sword. She's like "This b*tch is definitely not the killer."

Turns out he is the real Battosai slayer but just by looking at him there's no way. He’s changed his ways and wants to help innocent people. Even though he is so cute and cuddly he is definitely not someone you want to get on their bad side. Check this one out.

5. 3x3 EYES

Get lost in the mystical world of demons and immortals with this fantasy-action anime.

Pai third eye opening in 3x3 eyes
3x3 Eyes gif

This is a special one I’m going to add as a classic and it’s 3x3 eyes.

This is not a common beginner anime, this one is a bonus. Watch this one after you seen everything listed.

The story is about a young man named Yakumo who is a cross-dresser. This girl named Pai pulls up to his place of work, Pai tells Yakumo "Your daddy told me to tell you that you're going to help me become human."

He’s like "wtf you're not human? Yeah ok, one I don’t believe in demons. And f*ck my daddy."

Her then pet friend, Big Bird. Starts to fly through the city f*cking sh*t up. He’s like oh ok demons are real we got to go.

To sum up the story big bird kills him, and Pai absorbs his soul and saves his life making him immortal. This anime surfed during the 80s, if you are into blood splatter and gory scenes you definitely want to check this one out.

4. Inuyasha

Venture into a time-traveling tale, where a modern-day girl becomes entangled with a half-demon in feudal Japan.

A story about a teenage girl named Kagome that falls into a well and time travels back to feudal Japan. Finds out that she is a reincarnation of this b*tch Kikiyo. (Sorry, that was a little personal.)

She finds out that she is a reincarnation by fighting for her life in feudal Japan, and a demon rips her inside open and a jewel flies out of her guts.Which is a powerful jewel that Kikiyo cremated herself with.

Kagome comes across this half-demon boy named Inuyasha who's bound to a tree. He and Kikiyo had a thing back in the day, sh*t went down, and Kikiyo Bull’s-eyed him to a tree with a spell that put him to sleep. He awakens 100 years later thanks to Kagome. and he’s back on his bill sh*t, wanted to become a full-blown demon and tries to kill Kagome.

To sum the story up Kagome put beads of subjugation on him, and tells him to sit and now he has no power over Kagome. They make a temporary truce to get the jewel back from the demon, Kogame kills the demon with a bow which shatters the jewel into hundreds of pieces. That temporary truce becomes full times job. On their journey, they make a few friends that become apart of their team. Definitely check it out if you're in a little romance action and a love triangle I fucking hate. Anyways Team Kagome.

3. Fruit basket

Experience a heartwarming and humorous journey of friendship, love, and family in this touching series.

Tohru is a sweet girl living a normal life with her mother until tragedy hits.

She goes to live with her grandfather and something happens where she has to take matters into her own hands and starts to live on her own, in the woods, in a tent.

She was about to take a bath in the lake and bumped into one of her classmates, Yuki Souma and his uncle, realizing she pitched her tent on private property. Fortunately, they take her in but not for free. They give her a place to stay as long as she takes care of their disgusting house.

To sum up the story, she finds out the somas have a secret, when they're hugged by the opposite sex they turn into an animal of the Chinese zodiac. There is a lot of dark, traumatized sh*t in their family. If you are into slice-of-life, drama, comedy, and romance this is definitely something to check out. This show literally made me cry.

2. Samurai Champloo

Merging samurai and hip-hop culture, this anime takes you on a thrilling and artistic adventure.

This anime is a classic in so many ways! It’s a story about a waitress named Fuu. As she's working, assholes in the restaurant decide to disturb the peace. Mugen walks in the restaurant asking for some food with little to no money. He see's what's going on and offer his assistance. Fuu takes the offer and Mugen beats them. To sum it up, fuu rescues two master swordsmen which is Mugen and Jin from execution, then she focuses them to help her find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Mugen is One of my favorite characters because one he's black. Two the soundtrack in this anime is one of a kind. Just listen to the opening and Three skin, hair, his fighting skills, and overall his presents, just flavored and seasoned very well.

If you are looking for a dope ass anime with action, comedy, adventure, and a killer soundtrack definitely check this one out.

We are finally here at number one. Let me tell you why this anime is number one, I have heard people who aren’t into anime, who have even made fun of it and said and it's stupid, or it's just not their thing. They have watched this anime, and they have changed their minds about anime. Most of them start to Dabble in the world of anime because of this one. This anime is DEATH NOTE.

1. Death Note

Witness an intense psychological battle as a high school student gains possession of a powerful notebook capable of causing death.

DEATH NOTE is a cinematic anime in the best way to put it.

The story is about Light Yagami, an intelligent high school student that lives a regular life. Rinse and repeat type of lifestyle.

One day he sees a book fall from the sky and goes to pick it up in the courtyard of his school.

Once you touch the book you are able to see the owner of the book which are SHIKIGAMI.

Light's SHIKIGAMI name is Ryuk who loves apples, he shows up later scaring light.

Light discovers that this notebook is capable of killing anyone whose name is written in this book. After just one little test. He goes on a secret crusade to eliminate criminals to create a new perfect world. Ryuk offers him the shikigami eyes, which is a power to see anyone's name and life spanned just by looking at them, but the price is the cost of half your life spanned.

To sum it up, people start to praise Light on the internet giving him the name Kira.

Light is not the only one with this book, a bad b*tch named Misa has the book as well and has the shikigami eyes.

Even though many see what Kira aka Light is doing as a great thing because the crime rate has gone down, the cops are out to find Kira. They say this power should only be in the hands of God. If your into drama, crime, and a little bit of comedy. This anime is definitely one to check out.

If you are new to the anime world, let me know in the comments which ANIME will you be checking out.

If you are someone that watches anime, have you 3x3 EYES? I have yet to meet anyone that has SEEN this anime and would love to know what you think about this anime.

Leave a comment Below.

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Weird Black Girl
Weird Black Girl
Aug 03, 2023

Hi loves, tell me which ones you have seen and what your faves are!

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